Sunday, February 24, 2008

Smile! You've just been tagged with kindness =)

My friend Pavi calls me yesterday while I'm in the grocery store.

"Hey Birju, are you in Berkeley?"


"Close to Taste of the Himalayas?"

"about 2 miles.  why?"

"I need you to tag someone right now!"

Her surrogate grandparents were visiting from Michigan and wanted to eat at the restaurant Karma Kitchen was running out of, even if they weren't staying long enough to actually experience Karma Kitchen.  Well, when Pavi heard this, she wanted them to experience the generosity of Karma Kitchen.  As soon as they left, she started calling people she knew around Berkeley.  I was called last and by accident, but through some stroke of luck I happened to be somewhat close.


As soon as I heard about the opportunity to serve, I wasn't going to let it go.  I immediately dropped the carrots and asparagus I was carrying, ran out, and started on the 2 mile trip to the restaurant.


I get there and spot the diners.  Turns out it is 5 people, all at this upscale Indian restaurant, and they're pretty engaged in conversation so I'm pretty sure they don't see me (not that they would recognize me anyway since we'd never met).  I see the restaurant manager, Rajen.  He's a great guy (obviously, since he lets us run a gift-economy experiment from the premises every week!) and i thought I could let him know what was happening.  He agrees to let me pay for their meal.  I write a quick note to them wishing them a wonderful remainder of the day from an anonymous stranger, drop in a smile card, and take off.


They had no idea what had happened!  Turns out, neither did I, as I left right away.  Later I found out through Pavi that they were blown away =)  awesome on so many levels. 


It's like nobody can take credit for it, but a wonderful series of conditions presented themselves as an opportunity to make someone's day, and we decided to take the opportunity.  just gotta keep looking for the opportunities!

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yasmine said...

such a lovely post, birju - made me smile so much! =)
HIGHFIVE to you!

thank you, also, for the heart/fist poem, and especially for the 'kabhi kabhi' song. my friend who got married recently walked onto the stage to that song, which i had not heard in years. and now i'm sitting here listening to it again, and it's totally making me smile.

hope all's rocking at your end! i'm enjoying catching up on all your posts, and the fun, inspiring estuff you've been up to.

see you again at a wednesday meditation sometime soon, i hope.