Saturday, May 17, 2008

Started Work

I started working at the consulting firm almost a month ago now.  It's fun so far.  REALLY smart people, but even more is that there's lots of people that want to use their skills to help in whatever way they know how.  As usual, I'm humbled.  I always feel like it's some sort of mistake that I am where I am, and this feels the same.  I think I'm still that 15 yr old kid whose voice broke every other sentence...and not just because my voice still breaks ;)  ... I dropped 4 smile cards this week!  it's the little things :)


otherwise, Nipun came last weekend.  we setup a 40 person meditation last sunday pretty much on the fly.  it was awesome, right in the middle of midtown, and totally decentralized.  we weekend was totally fun too since i got to tag along with Nipun on some of the meetings that were going on.  Also went to the midtown showing of Pangea Day which was super fun.


Otherwise, have been spending time trying to be here now.  mostly failing.  it's all good though...

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