Friday, July 18, 2008

The chocolate cake

Today at work we had a chocolate tasting in the evening hours.  They even had a person there that apparently taught a lesson in chocolate-tasting (apparently chocolate-tasting is a fine art much like wine-tasting).


Anyways, since i couldn't really stay, and it was partly in my honor as my birthday is coming up, they let me take a bunch of cake/chocolate/truffles back to my desk.  cool stuff, most definitely, but by the time i was done working i figured there might be other folks more interested in the cake than i ;)


When I got to the bottom floor of my building I saw about a dozen psuedo-homeless folks playing chess together.  I found an adjacent unattended table, dropped the stash (with a smile card of course), and took off!


Tomorrow a bunch of us are heading back to central park to hand out cookies and smiles in central park again.  i wish tasty tags to all!

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