Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My first go on the catwalk

Early last week my friend Mita asked me if I was interested in auditioning for this fashion show she was in.  It sounded interesting, and i had no idea what it really entailed, so i was like 'sure!'  Well, this set off a series of events that led to me doing a runway show of high-end fusion formal attire created by some designers i've never heard of but that apparently manufacture some really nice (read: expensive) clothes. 

I showed up for the initial rehearsals and i sucked.  i sucked at walking.  i can't tell you enough how humiliating that is, to be told that you suck at walking.  lol.  after many hours of trying to get it right (and the choreographer yelling at me), i finally got to the point that i didn't embarrass myself.  it was fun too, as far as new experiences are concerned.

 Pic from Mita's mom, professional pics later...

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to meet some really cool folks.  The first was the CEO of Inferential Focus, a think-tank that basically sees things before they happen and helps their clients because of it (they saw the avian flu, housing boom, etc before it happened).  He had this really cool idea about helping people and Nipun and I (mostly Nipun) took part in seeing how we could serve the process.  He was a really cool guy and I was glad to have met him.


Also we had a meeting with Mark Finser, the chairman of the board at RSF Social Finance and general partner of TBL Capital.  The guy is just awesome in all ways.  He's given over $100M to folks running businesses geared to help the world and now switched over from offering debt to equity. 


Its cool but weird.  I've had the benefit of going to so many meetings since i've been here, but the meetings have no agendas.  the idea is to be in each others presence and see what manifests when nobody comes at it from the point of 'i want.'  its so refreshing to start a karmatube meeting with a 'check-in' where everyone talks about what's going on in their personal lives before we even say a word about WORK, and how we start and end karma kitchen meetings with a few minutes of introspective silence.  it changes the dynamic of the entire interaction.  all of a sudden, everyone is talking and thinking about 'how can i help you?' instead of the other way around, and it also doesn't really feel like 'work' anymore.  its a joy to be a part of. 


i have no idea what the next week will be like but i'm looking forward to catching Shaq's debut in purple and orange.  would be nice for my team to win a title once every millenium.  now that the red sox have won a couple titles, the phoenix suns are the most cursed franchise in american sport.  maybe that ends this year?

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