Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Whirlwind Experience

After several months working on-site =) at CharityFocus, i'm back in phoenix visiting my family.  The last couple weeks have been filled with service activities for all sorts of cool folks and ended with the yearly CharityFocus tiger team meeting.  That's basically code for the yearly state-of-the-organization gathering.  It ends up being a platform for all things gift-economy.  50 folks gathered in a monastery to share insights from the past year and thought of new paths to express service, including a potential gift-economy wellness center in LA called 'community sweat!' 


I'm so very thankful to have had this time.  lots of thoughts on what I learned/can take back with me:

-being the change changes the being.  need to stop looking outside myself for change.

-every moment is an opportunity to learn about oneself.

-beauty is in small things.  think globally, act locally.

-meetings are better with 2 minutes of silence to start.  folks can wait, and end up more efficient anyways with the sound start.

-wisdom/change doesn't come from things (books, money, food, etc) as much as people changing their perspective.

-introspection/mindfulness is absolutely necessary for any sort of selfless action.

-there's TONS of good people in this world.


i'll be in phx for the rest of the month, then nyc for next job, at which point i'll probably write less since my life will be consumed by work and the work is probably not sharable :P

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