Friday, January 20, 2012

The Secret Document that Spurred Capitalism in China

Yen Jingchang was one of the signers of the secret document.

i read this article and i think - jeez, clearly profit motive and being self-serving is good! i mean, they all got to eat and then some!

and yet, there are downsides. inequality that supersedes that of US (according to GINI coefficient), environmental degradation on near unfathomable scale (for starters). indeed, there are 'negative externalities'.

but still, the reaction is that at least (b) is better than (a) - but nobody talks about the 3rd way - the ServiceSpace way :) to NOT assume that the design principles between everyone's ears are fixed. to drive action with more foresight than those with pure self-maximizing motive. to recognize that external action is but a fruit born from the roots of intention.

we are that same village in China that wrote the secret document in 1978; we can be the test bed for the transition away from its lessons.

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