Sunday, September 21, 2014

Things I’ve been sitting with recently

Short stream of consciousness -

-integrating vipassana practice with dialogue for dissolving inner resistance, bringing implicit beliefs to light, inviting shadow and expanding worldviews
-rooting in subtle but pervasive daily practice
-integrating divine masculine and divine feminine
-how to be aware and learn from times when I emotionally trigger others (both explicitly and more subtly, both of which I am quite adept at doing)
-compassion as a practice.  intentionally holding the mental state of compassion when engaged with another
-inviting resistance when I see it within myself, to walk towards that which is uncomfortable (as best I can)
-seeing relationship as a field in which to develop consciousness
-‘feeling’ as a primary tool for experiencing and relating (while still utilizing ‘thinking,’ but in a more integrated manner)
-learning how to live in such a way that acknowledges that the ecological structure I see in nature around me is similar to the ecological structure of my own mind
all of this is very ‘in process,’ and I’m finding I have a lot of energy for it.  deepest form of regeneration I’ve seen is from developing the wealth within.  I am grateful.

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bhoutik said...

thanks for shining light on these points. lots to work on. :-)