Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yikes, it's been a while!

So I haven't posted in about half a year... that's no good... especially considering the time has been spent doing more amazing amorphous stuff than at any time prior in my life. To go through it in narrative would be too long and tiresome to read so...

to continue my life story in bullet point form =)

  • tried to go out to the clubs at least once in a while (ever seen a sober guy scream Bon Jovi at 3am?).
  • had a visit from brother/guru Nipun and started becoming A LOT more involved with non-profit and CharityFocus.
  • visited the supercool indo-tibetan museum of art
  • had a squishee in midtown on my birfday.
  • started an intentional community in nyc that regularly meets for the purpose of mindfulness meditation. helped start another one in phoenix, and tried to help with teaching it to kids in oakland. and i meditated...a lot.
  • co-created an idea to rethink the process of philanthropy using lemonade, smile cards, great friends, and central park.
  • continued to ship out hundreds of smile cards weekly to folks everywhere to promote kindness for kindness sake.
  • Spoke at the OneWebDay technology conference on the confluence of technology and non-profit (video below).
  • Continued deep involvement with gift-economy online video website Karmatube.
  • took pictures of really cool random phrases around town.
  • Met with the CEO's of dozens of companies oriented to non-profit technology and health and wellness (Michael Smolens of dotSub, Zak Zaidman of Kopali Organics, Pete Slosberg of Pete's Wicked Ale, Doug Jaeger of thehappycorp, etc).
  • Sat courtside with my boy Vince Carter.
  • Got on the steering committee of NetImpact New York, a non-profit of 10k+ members who have joined together to try and help the world.
  • Played lots and lots of row-row. =)
  • Co-created/joined a sustainability-oriented student design competition. The organization is called RevolveDesign and we'll be releasing our new website shortly.
  • and most recently, i actually decided to take a full-time job. =) I have accepted a position with McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm, as an associate in their New York office.
  • Arvind and Shephali

I spent the last 3 months at Hudson Heights in Manhattan, but now the lease is ending and I'm planning to visit family in Phoenix for the month of December. After this, there are a couple options, but need to keep it under wraps for now =)