Thursday, October 9, 2014


As I’ve been growing in my journey of gifting, I’ve been feeling more resonant with certain types of gifts over others.  In thinking about why that is, I’m finding that gifts deeply aligned with values of interconnectedness, nature-based wisdom, and unconditional love seem to be what makes my heart sing most.  Gifts that invite us to transcend the delusion of the tangible despite their tangibility :)


Some ideas to that end (from gross to subtle, in each case inclusive of mentioned values), would love thoughts from others-

- food

- hands (labor work)

- reusables

- books

- art (handmade) / design

- offerings from the marginalized

- seeds / compost / plants

- hugs / touch

- coursework

- joint work (eg doing a 21 day challenge together)

- connections / introductions

- links (stories/videos/music/ideas)

- smiles / words

- personal vulnerability (real-time, written, giving cherished possessions, receiving with grace)

- psychological capacity / listening (for when others are triggered or generally in position of need)

- psychological depatterning (so as to reduce the conditions for others to be triggered, etc)


These are all ‘small things’ that can grow to new ways of being.  And for those who are already living into these values, I’ve found the same gifts being helpful, and also more general support (eg money to homeless may go for alcohol, money for middle class may go for ipad, money for compassion entrepreneur may go to spread the ripple of connection).


In noticing the spectrum, I feel that the whole thing is of value, and being able to play across the spectrum of giving is worthy of aspiration.  A question I’ve been asking recently – how to be in a space of offering, in every interaction, as inclusive of the full spectrum as I can be?  A key reason that question arose is that I have received SO MUCH across this spectrum, and the sense of abundance has led to the wish to share with others.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First money, then empathy

A question – In companies, how to put inner development on equal (or better?) footing as financial return when money is

-an immediate marker of success

-feels scarce and therefore worth making extra effort for

-creating a whirlpool of activity that makes creating time for efforts not directly affiliated as ‘superfluous’



I see this from time to time.  ‘We don’t have time for taking on personal transformation practice, its quarter end… or we’re in a cash crunch… or we just need to finish our funding round’  I notice that the same happens within myself – ‘I don’t have time for practicing shift within, I have too much work… I’m tired… I’m already doing lots to help the world… I have done enough already.’ 

I certainly understand this feeling.  Yet at the same time, if we all need to wait for financial freedom before we can invest in shifting our mindsets, not sure we’ll get there.  We see this in business as we notice that the companies that invite emotional intelligence training, mindfulness classes, etc tend to have massive margins.  Money first.  Even within business, the ‘leadership trainings’ seem to happen to those closer to the top of the hierarchy; again success/money leads, development follows. 

I’ve been working (with plenty others) on how to lower the bar for engagement so an organization can participate as a cohort.  Small time requirement, an opportunity to change the conversation in the workplace, and continue to grow slowly.  I get the sense that neural shifts don’t happen overnight, and single individuals who do that work in an organization cannot shift systems until critical mass of others go through similar transformation.

Look forward to a world where more of us engage explicitly in the practice of personal transformation.  Not just in private and on our own time, but part and parcel to what our companies are providing in the world.