Friday, July 24, 2009

Depleted attention


So i just started a new engagement at work.  It's pretty challenging adjusting to a new one and the first week is usually spent working pretty constantly trying to catch up with what's going on (especially when you're not familiar with industry / function).


This is all context for my behavior during this time - pretty meh if i do say so myself.  Not really thinking about anybody else, not really trying to be kind, helpful, generous, etc - just trying to get through the day.  My cousin has told me this could be because of my attention being depleted through being in a high stress situation.  Attention is apparently a muscle, and like all other muscles, can be built up and can be depleted. 


I notice this in myself all the time, i call it being frazzled :)  when my attention is depleted, the hair trigger approaches - smaller things set me off, I'm less able to keep the big picture in mind, less able to think about others.


Also good to know that meditation is a major BUILDER of attention (along with exercise, etc) - think I'll go sit!