Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work stories

As my life is mostly work with intermittent splices of life :) thought i'd share some tidbits.


-I have so far had an 'anti-consulting' experience in that the majority of my work not only doesn't have me traveling, but i'm even closer to home than if i had just gone to the office!  the benefits of living in midtown :)


-Contrary to what some may say, McKinsey is filled with people that want to do service in the world.  There's an active social sector practice (for which i've been working in some capacity for a while) and plenty of extra-curricular ops (for example, we just had a day to bring awareness to climate change issues and had dozens and dozens of consultants take part).


-We're usually at our client location most of the week, but on Friday's we're in the office.  On these days I like to go to random floors, find a desk that is temporarily unoccupied, and drop a candy bar and smile card. :)



Guri Mehta said...

This is refreshing to hear!


Viral said...

great stuff -- keep it coming! :-)

Tobler Family said...

It was great to read up on your life. You and your friends are doing a great work in creating smiles. Keep it up! What a wonderful thing in the world.