Saturday, May 16, 2009

CharityFocus retreat

DSC03379 (Large)


Last weekend was our yearly CharityFocus coordinators retreat.  The people you see in the picture above are amazing teachers, I am blessed to be able to learn from them.


Wanted to share one element of the weekend that really resonated with me.  We started the weekend going around in a circle sharing a moment of gratitude for the service of others in our lives.  Everyone went around and gave beautiful anecdotes of how kind people had been to them in their life.  If only all our weeks could start in such a way...

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Ankit said...

Brother, I JUST came across your blog. I'm loving what you're posting. Keep doing what you're doing. Hopefully can get together over some random acts of kindness in the next few weeks? It's been too long!

Much love,