Thursday, October 9, 2014


As I’ve been growing in my journey of gifting, I’ve been feeling more resonant with certain types of gifts over others.  In thinking about why that is, I’m finding that gifts deeply aligned with values of interconnectedness, nature-based wisdom, and unconditional love seem to be what makes my heart sing most.  Gifts that invite us to transcend the delusion of the tangible despite their tangibility :)


Some ideas to that end (from gross to subtle, in each case inclusive of mentioned values), would love thoughts from others-

- food

- hands (labor work)

- reusables

- books

- art (handmade) / design

- offerings from the marginalized

- seeds / compost / plants

- hugs / touch

- coursework

- joint work (eg doing a 21 day challenge together)

- connections / introductions

- links (stories/videos/music/ideas)

- smiles / words

- personal vulnerability (real-time, written, giving cherished possessions, receiving with grace)

- psychological capacity / listening (for when others are triggered or generally in position of need)

- psychological depatterning (so as to reduce the conditions for others to be triggered, etc)


These are all ‘small things’ that can grow to new ways of being.  And for those who are already living into these values, I’ve found the same gifts being helpful, and also more general support (eg money to homeless may go for alcohol, money for middle class may go for ipad, money for compassion entrepreneur may go to spread the ripple of connection).


In noticing the spectrum, I feel that the whole thing is of value, and being able to play across the spectrum of giving is worthy of aspiration.  A question I’ve been asking recently – how to be in a space of offering, in every interaction, as inclusive of the full spectrum as I can be?  A key reason that question arose is that I have received SO MUCH across this spectrum, and the sense of abundance has led to the wish to share with others.


bhoutik said...

Really resonated with the concept of moving or dancing :-) seamlessly across spectrum. As you pointed out, there's an opportunity to add value in someway or the other throughout the spectrum. I've been noticing subtle nuances of judgement in giving more value to one versus the other. If it is in your flow, perhaps you can shine some light on it. :-)

My Life said...

hello! yes, i also resonate with that sense that some forms of giving are more valuable than others. in my opinion, in my case it is born of a deeply-ingrained sense that the world is somehow hierarchical. that some things are 'better' than others, rather than everything is whole and interconnected to other wholes.

my sense of things is that it is of value to develop the capacity to provide across the spectrum, knowing that the subtler we go the more transformation is possible (both in myself and 'other'), but simultaneously developing the sensitivity to 'meet people where they are.' eg, if i approach a homeless man, it doesn't matter if i wish to offer a book on mindfulness and gratitude, this person wants/needs to eat, and may also benefit from good wishes. in this way, i would like to develop complementarity across the spectrum, knowing that they are all valuable, but only useful if i develop my capacities and skillfulness.

interested in your further reflections as well if this stirs up anything for you :)