Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why We Named Him Iver

Our son's name, Iver, solidified in our minds a few days after his birth.

Several weeks prior, we had been gifted a poem at my wife's baby shower.  The poem was from Harshida auntie, who has played a significant role in both our lives for many reasons.  And the poem was by Khalil Gibran, called 'On Children':

The poem continues to hang in Iver's room, and in the first year was right above the changing table for the repeated reminder :)  While we much appreciated the poem, there was no direct connection to a name at the time.

However, after he was born, we were sitting with a small list of potential names.  We had an intention of carrying forward a name from my wife's background, a Scandanavian or Nordic tradition, knowing that his last name would come from my lineage.  And upon looking through, we saw Iver, meaning 'archer' from the Scandanavian tradition.

Our intention is that name acts as a reminder (for all of us!) that while the 'bows and arrows' are what we see in the journey of the family, the grace of the archer is what is behind it all.  

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